BlackBerry 10, Android and iOS Challenger

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BlackBerry 10, Android and iOS Challenger - BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM), start counting the days. On 30 January 2013, the company will launch its latest smart phone, BlackBerry 10.
BlackBerry 10, Android and iOS Challenger

This new operating system is expected to fight rival, iPhone and Android, which dominate the smartphone industry. RIM claims BlackBerry 10 was ready to compete against competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5.

"But BlackBerry 10 is a better smartphone with amazing features and capabilities," said Hastings Singh, RIM's Managing Director South East Asia, in the event the BlackBerry Jam Asia 2012 held in Bangkok, Thailand, on Thursday last week.

Test results of the latest BlackBerry operating system that is packed in Dev Alpha B's version. Because, until now, RIM has not revealed the final version of their new handsets.

However, the performance of the operating system 10 that worked RIM is promising. Despite countless simple, user interface BlackBerry 10 now start applying shear or swipe system. Understandably, as the flagship BlackBerry 10 plans to carry the newest touchscreen display on the handset, though not altogether abandon QWERTY handset.

"Experience using OS 10 all natural. Noticeably more practical and palatable for gesture-based, "said Vincent Son, Indonesian developer who has tried this operating system to create applications. "I dare say even the operating system is better than Android and iOS equivalent," he confirmed on Monday.

BlackBerry touch-screen version of 10 is very innovative compared to competitor's gadgets. RIM buried features so keyboard on the touch screen can be used to predict the word the user is used. So, if you type the letter Y, for example, the word "you" will appear. Text prediction system is also planned to be made in languages ​​other than English.

Camera in the BlackBerry 10 also provides features modifier results. Sometimes, when snapped photos with colleagues, there are fun to put two hands on your head, right? Now, with this feature, you can remove your hands "fad" that, forever.

Another champ from another is the features of BlackBerry 10 BlackBerry Hub. Users can receive messages, BBM, text, e-mail, and monitor social networking sites in one interface alias multitasking. As demonstrated Vivek Bhardwaj, head of RIM's software portfolio, the opening of the event, users can easily access contacts and appointments. Complete with a variety of information, such as what position the person you are meeting.

For developers, the operating system BlackBerry 10 was easily developed. It is recognized Vincent. "Cascades for programming easier to learn," he said. This is in accordance with RIM hopes to attract more applications to Android users run back into the arms of the BlackBerry. source :
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