Officials Samsung Admits Use Apple Products

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Samsung vs Apple
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Officials Samsung Admits Use Apple Products - The dispute between Apple and Samsung a protracted-known public. Uniquely, Young Sohn, who occupied the position Chief Strategy Officer of Samsung, frankly admitted that he was a user of Apple products.

Not just one type of product, Young even use your iPhone, iPad, and Mac as well.

"At work, I use a Samsung device. But at home using Apple," said Young told MIT Technology Reviews, as quoted from the tech site CrunchGear, Friday, December 14, 2012. Reasons Young used a device that rivals the company is all data and files stored in it from the beginning of this device.

He also stated that the one thing that remains to be fixed by Samsung is the interaction between devices in the overall ecosystem. Young said, compared to other rivals, Samsung is actually providing more devices are connected, but the experience offered is more centered on the device, not the user.

"I think we can give a lot more than we can do today, with an open ecosystem with our partners," he said.

However, not wanting to eat plants such as fences, he said Samsung's smartphone actually has quality hardware superior to Apple.

"The power of Apple is not the product itself. But consumers who like the Apple ecosystem built, such as iCloud," he said. - Officials Samsung Admits Use Apple Products. source :
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