New Launched, Google Maps Dominated App Store

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New Launched, Google Maps Dominated App Store - Application maps Google Maps, users can enjoy finally returned iOS operating system 6. Once launched, Apple users flocked to download this application.

Technology site CNET, Friday, December 14, 2012, wrote this application immediately jumped to the first position in the AppStore within a few hours. Google Maps for iOS received a positive response, and managed to capture almost 16 thousand responses from users with an average rating 4.5 stars out of a maximum of 5 stars.

The majority of outdoor media lauding the performance and appearance of Google Maps, which was considered far beyond the map application made ​​by Apple. PC Mag, for example, calls the interface and interaction of the Google Map is much better than AppleMaps.

Google Map has several features such as Android version, such as turn-by-turn directions, Google Street View, and transit information for public transport.

This is the reappearance of Google Maps in iOS 6, after Apple decided to create their own maps application maps instead of Google. In fact, Apple's Maps has a low accuracy, even in the case of six riders Australia appears this map user who threatened his life because strayed deep into arid areas without adequate food and drink.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, had apologized for the accuracy of the map made ​​by Apple. He also asks the user to rely on other map applications for Apple Maps revised. New Launched, Google Maps Dominated App StoreSource :

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